Xin Chào!

    We pride ourselves on serving you the most authentic taste of Vietnam using fresh, well-sourced ingredients in the most modern and elegant atmosphere.

    We have a saying at Kim's Pho, 'to make the simplest of dishes taste good you need the ingredients of time and passion' and you can be assured we have plenty of both. Every dish, from our small bites to our a la carte delicacies, is lovingly prepared with this saying in mind. Take our classic beef Pho for example, which takes over 18 hours to make! Likewise, our new wine and cocktail list are carefully selected to perfectly complement the complex flavors featured our wide range of dishes.

    Our Founder: Thien Kim


    PhởWhat Is It?

    Phở is the Vietnamese national dish; an aromatic, nutritious and delicious rice noodle soup served with a side plate of fresh herbs, hoisin sauce and sriracha. Our stocks take around 12 hours to prepare – this authentic preparation being key to the stocks retaining all their goodness and developing their own distinctive tastes and aromas. Phở is brimming with lean meats and fresh ingredients - It’s the perfect comfort food. * Phở dishes are all low in fat, saturated fat & are a good source of 10 of your vitamins and minerals including vitamins C, B3, B6, folate, iron and magnesium.